EuroEvents is pleased to invite you at the 5th Annual Medical Tourism Conference which will be held on the 13th and 14th of March in Zagreb, Croatia.

EuroEvents is pleased to invite you to the 5th Annual MTCE conference, the leading industry event of 2019! This year our focus will be on how to win international patients in the era of digitization and globalization!

MTCE will provide an interactive platform during which practitioners and leading experts in the area will share, discuss and construct strategies for future growth and innovation for the purpose of creating and sustaining successful facilities.

Furthermore, the MTCE 2019 will concentrate on revealing the key strategies for success based on providing the ultimate customer tailored experience as well as defining the trends that will shape the future of medical tourism.

Inspire and be inspired, discover and be discovered,  join us today and experience the full potential of MTCE 2019!






Meet our most valued speakers

Mate Car

Advisor of the Minister of Health, Croatia

    Mahroon H. Hussain

    Marketing Manager, Right Choice Home & Away, United Kingdom

      Anna Kaczmarska

      CEO, DIgital Hermes, United Kingdom

        Gordana Kalan Živčec

        MD PhD, founder&owner Medico Veritas, Postojna, Slovenia

          Maris Luks

          CEO &Partner, AmberLife Cancer Clinic, Latvia

            Carine Briat – Hilaire

            CEO & Co-founder, France Surgery, France

              Joe Sweet

              Director of International Patient Experience | Cleveland Clinic | USA

                Elizabeth Ziemba

                President | Medical Tourism Training | USA

                  Ognjen Bagatin

                  CEO | Poliklinika Bagatin | Croatia

                    Claudia Mika

                    Founder & CEO | Temos International | Germany

                      Daniel Coulton Shaw

                      Clinic Ambassador I Global Clinic Rating I United Kingdom

                        Tatyana Sokolov

                        CEO | MedicaTour | Russia

                          Stelios Kouvaris

                          Global Manager I Iatropolis Medical Group I Greece

                            Mehmet Söyler

                            Eye Doctor and Chairman of the Board I Batigoz I Turkey

                              Miljenko Bura

                              Vice-President, GHTC and President | Zagreb Health Tourism Cluster | Croatia

                                Ilaria Giannico

                                Secretary General | European Union of Private Hospitals | Belgium

                                  Kim Katerin Lagoda

                                  Head of International Patient Care I Helios Health I Germany

                                    Irving Stackpole

                                    President | Stackpole Associates Limited | USA

                                      Mirna Turcinovic

                                      International Patient Manager I Gyncare I Slovakia

                                        Dimitris Kavakas

                                        Managing Director | Redia IVF | UK

                                          Lutz Lungwitz

                                          President | German Medical Wellness Association | Germany

                                            prim. Vlasta Brozicevic

                                            M.D., specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation, rheumatology, Terme Selce, Croatia

                                              Alexander Zakucia

                                              High Ticket Closer for Clinics | Slovakia

                                                Ilse Bertels

                                                Public Relations and Communication | Cardio-Thoracic Centre Monaco | Monaco

                                                  MTCE B2B POWER WORKSHOP

                                                  Partners in progress!


                                                  08:30 - 09:00
                                                  Registration & Morning Refreshments

                                                  09:15 – 09:45 The Implementation of the EU Directive on Cross-Border Healthcare and the position of European private hospitals

                                                  • The EU Directive 2011/24 – an overview
                                                  • UEHP position on the EU Directive 2011/24
                                                  • Experiences coming from UEHP hospitals

                                                  Ilaria Giannico, Secretary General, European Union of Private Hospitals

                                                  09:45 – 10:10 Buying & Selling Healthcare across borders: Opportunities and obstacles

                                                  • Old models, new trends
                                                  • Elements of success – case studies
                                                  • Preparing for growth

                                                  Elizabeth Ziemba, President, Medical Tourism Training Inc, USA

                                                  Tatyana Sokolov, CEO, MedicaTour, Russia
                                                  Anna Kaczmarska, CEO, DIgital Hermes, United Kingdom
                                                  Mahroon H. Hussain, Marketing Manager, RightChoice, United Kingdom

                                                  11:00 - 11:30
                                                  Networking Break

                                                  11:30 – 12:00 Facing the problem of lack of suitably skilled workforce

                                                • Medical expertise
                                                • The magic touch that makes all the difference
                                                • 7th Bagatin laws of hospitality
                                                • Ognjen Bagatin, CEO, Bagatin Clinic, Croatia


                                                  12:00 – 12:30 Cyberknife 12 years experience at Latropolis Radiosurgical Center

                                                  Stelios Kouvaris, Global Manager, Iatropolis Medical Group,Greece

                                                  12:30 – 13:00 Hello # how is your @ and how to communicate

                                                  • how to contact or reply to foreign patients
                                                  • what information to send
                                                  • what to expect

                                                  Ilse Bertels, PR and Communication Coordinator, Monaco Cardio Thoracic Center, Monaco

                                                  A great opportunity to interact with market leaders and valued speakers in a relaxing environment, exchange ideas and discuss innovations

                                                • Determine exactly how you stand against other medical facilities
                                                • Find out specifically what needs to be done to take your medical facility to the next level
                                                • Daniel Shaw, Clinic Ambassador, Global Clinic Rating, United Kingdom

                                                • Patient satisfaction versus patient experience
                                                • Understanding the patients’ needs
                                                • Best practice examples from successful players in international medical travel
                                                • Claudia Mika, Founder & CEO, Temos International, Germany

                                                  15:00 – 15:30 The future is in your hand

                                                  • Telehealth and Telemedicine are the early signs of healthcare transformation
                                                  • Modern medicine has been digitized; it will soon be democratized
                                                  • Many of the difficulties and stress of medical care will be transformed by smart phones and personal care devices
                                                  • The “winners” will be consumers; the losers will be systems and providers who ignore this transformation

                                                  Irving Stackpole, President, Stackpole & Associates Inc, USA

                                                  15:30 – 16:00 Networking Break

                                                  16:00 – 16:30 Ensuring Continuum of Care Worldwide

                                                • How to assure security, effectiveness and continuum of care for the travelling patient from decision-making to the follow-up process?
                                                • The benefits of DigiMED Assistant: teleconsultation, second medical opinions, reducing healthcare costs, improving outcomes
                                                • Combining the patient-centered care with digital technology.
                                                • Carine Briat – Hilaire, CEO & Co-founder & Iulia-Maria Apostu, Digital Project Manager, France Surgery, France

                                                  16:30 – 17:00 Future of harmless cancer treatment!

                                                • Different approach to Cancer treatment
                                                • What can help the patient
                                                • Mastering the Excellence
                                                • Maris Luks, CEO &Partner.AmberLife Cancer Clinic, Latvia

                                                  08:30 - 09:00
                                                  Registration & Morning Refreshment
                                                  Opening Remarks from the Chairman

                                                  09:00 – 09:25 Creating a consistent approach to high quality patient experience

                                                  • Learn about Cleveland Clinic’s patient experience journey
                                                  • Five drivers to creating a successful patient experience culture
                                                  • Innovative & Digital patient experience approaches

                                                  Joe Sweet, Director of International Patient Experience. Cleveland Clinic, United States of America

                                                  09:25 – 09:50 Creating the next dimension customer experience and anticipation of the patients’ expectations: drawing conclusions from fertility patients

                                                  • Focus on what do the patients need
                                                  • Find out what are their expectations
                                                  • Design a patient service plan to exceed their expectations

                                                  Dimitris Kavakas, Managing Director, Redia IVF, United Kingdom

                                                  09:50 – 10:15 Development of Health-Tourism – Quality Management Strategy for foreign patients/guest

                                                • the stay in a clinic can be compared with a hotel stay
                                                • it’s important to have a close cooperation between the clinics
                                                • the service facilities and the facilitators
                                                • the visit of the patient/client must be well planned
                                                • Lutz Lungwitz, President, German Medical Wellness Association, Germany 

                                                  10:15 – 10:40 Overview of the medical tourism market in Russia and CIS – Patients’ preferences for treatment abroad

                                                  • The situation in the medical tourism market is constantly changing in Russia and the CIS
                                                  • New trends & preferences

                                                  Tatyana Sokolov, CEO, MedicaTour, Russia

                                                  10:40 - 11:00
                                                  Networking Break

                                                  Ognjen Bagatin, CEO, Bagatin Clinic, Croatia
                                                  Claudia Mika, Founder & CEO, Temos International, Germany
                                                  Maris Luks, CEO &Partner., AmberLife Cancer Clinic, Latvia
                                                  Ilse Bertels, PR and Communication Coordinator, Monaco Cardio Thoracic Center, Monaco

                                                  12:00 – 12:30 Preventive health and re-connection with the nature

                                                • Niche product for niche consumer
                                                • Are consumers patients or not and vice versa
                                                • Is prevention beating curative medicine in medical tourism
                                                • Wellness or well-being
                                                • Gordana Kalan Živčec, MD PhD, Founder & Owner, Medico Veritas Postojna, Slovenia

                                                  12:30 – 13:00 Medical tourism infrastructure as support for local healthcare system and development factor in EU cohesion politics

                                                • Medical tourism facilities are also used by local patients and represent part of domestic healthcare system also
                                                • New infrastructure offer more opportunity in treatments and new technology
                                                • EU cohesion politics have to support this development
                                                • Miljenko Bura,Vice President, GHTC, President, Zagreb Health Tourism Cluster, Croatia/ZMTC

                                                  13:00 - 14:00
                                                  Networking Lunch

                                                  14:00 – 14:15 How Excellence Can Lead to New Concepts in Medical Tourism

                                                  • Polyclinic Terme Selce at Crikvenica Riviera: 30 years
                                                  • The impact of shocking statistics for global concern
                                                  • Know-how, methods, value system
                                                  • The brand and excellence in action
                                                  • The future: new concept and recognition

                                                  Vlasta Brozičević prim. M.D., Specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation, rheumatology, Terme Selce, Croatia

                                                  14:15 – 14:45 Why do international patients choose one stop clinic? Understanding the complexity of patient care now and in the future

                                                  • Why high-quality treatment itself is not enough to attract international patients
                                                  • Tailor made proactive medical solutions elevating international patient care to next level
                                                  • Exceeding patient expectations with ONE STOP clinic business approach

                                                  Mirna Turcinovic, International Patient Manager, Gyncare, Slovakia

                                                  14:45 – 15:15 Building a diverse cross border healthcare network for the international patient group

                                                  • How Helios and Quironsalud use expertise in patient care and quality management across borders
                                                  • How to use different national strengths and medical specializations
                                                  • How to establish a diverse hospital and service network as the leading private hospital group in Europe

                                                  Kim Katerin Lagoda, Head of International Patient care, Helios Health, Germany

                                                  15:15 – 15:45 Making Medical Tourism sustainable by getting more patients from your enquirers

                                                • have a system
                                                • start tracking results
                                                • understand your patient needs and desires
                                                • tips and tricksof trade on how to close

                                                  Alexander Zakucia, High Ticket Closer for Clinics


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                                                  what people say

                                                  “The EuroEvents team and the organization of the event were excellent!”
                                                  Gordana Kalan ZivcecOwner, Medico Veritas, Slovenia
                                                  “It was relevant since most of the topics that were discussed are part of our daily activities.“
                                                  Claudia MikaFounder and CEO, Temos International, Germany
                                                  “I am completely satisfied with the conference. Very high level quality. For me, it was very relevant as I work with foreign patients daily.”
                                                  Nika CsicsoovaSmile Clinic, Slovakia

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